Happy birthday Amie Green!

Awhile ago I wrote a blog post regarding a funding one of my team members (in the MySQL Support at Oracle) have started, to cover the costs for his wife’s medical treatment. Today it is Amie’s birthday, so I would like to share the funding once more. Please see: Amie’s lottery chances were better..

When someone you know, or somebody close to someone you know, get sick, it is hard to know what to say. While the illness may be a nightmare, needing to pass around the hat, like Shawn have to, does not make things better.

I did not know what to put in my old post, but I did get quite some positive feedback on it. If you would like to read it you may find it at When one of our most talented MySQL Support Engineers asks for help, let’s give him and his wife a hand!

Let’s send our birthday greetings to Amie at http://www.gofundme.com/5p6lq4 or PayPal to dba_doctor@hotmail.com (Jeremy is Shawn’s son)

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  1. Amie Green says:

    You have touched my heart in so many ways. I honestly don’t know how to thank you with how nice you and MySQL family have been. I know we have a long way to go…but sweet Gustaf and the rest of the family and community will continue to make this so much easier. It’s easy to get close to your work family when you all are together so much. I know Shawn and I both consider all of you friends and family. And we would do anything for you all. It was difficult for Shawn to “Pass around the hat” and still is But, it was and still is what is needed to be done for us to get through. I have been amazed at the thoughts, prayers and warmest wishes to us both. I have cried, laughed and screamed…..BUT never thought for a min that I can’t get through this…and that is thanks to all of you. My husband, children, my parents and your all are what keeps me sane. Poor Shawn…he has to put up with me…and God only knows what that entails. He has supported me through things we didn’t see coming…and has never not stood by my side. And I just want to thank you all again. And a special thank you to Gustaf….for helping get this out to the community. I would love to hug your neck one day. Love Amie

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