Macro photography at about 4:1

When starting to look at macro photography I saw a not too expensive way to get started would be to revert my 18-55mm lens in front of my 50-200mm lens.

Trying it out

I soon realized I needed to have the tele lens at about 200mm to not get black borders around the picture. Since the focal length of the normal mounted lens should be divided by the focal length of the reversed lens to get the magnification I got a magnification for 4:1 and closer with the tele at 200mm (was hoping to get 1:1 and closer).

Since my lenses doesn’t have any aperture rings I made the reverted lens wide open manually and only stopped down the normal mounted lens.

I focused both lenses on infinity and focused on the subject by moving the camera forward and backward.

To get some light I put a couple of lamps around to be able to focus (by moving the camera back and forward). Then I held up a paper to reflect some of the light from my built in flash down in the spoon.


I did some attempts with the reversed lens zoomed out a bit to get higher magnification, but then I set it to 50mm so I got a 4:1 shoot. After this I cropped it down to about half size and got this image:

Since the result was not too obvious I posted the image as Quiz #1: What’s on the photo?.

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