Little model fly

Those who have been looking for a model who:

  • Can show up in the middle of nowhere
  • Work late evenings
  • Do not mind getting a flash placed about 3 cm from the eyes
  • Who can be placed on a tray
  • Works for free

Will know they can be hard to find. One in pretty good shape 1 was found in our house some days ago. So I decided to give it a shot or more.

First I put it on a white plate but when I saw the reflections in the plate I got the idea to put it on a stainless tray instead. The light sources was: Ambient light (through windows and a lamp in the room), a torch, and external P-TTL flash in wireless mode. I used a 100 mm macro lens and the camera in manual mode on 30s, f/32, iso 100. This gave an under exposure of about two steps that the flash had to compensate for. I also used some paper 2 to make the light softer.

A first sample where I had the flash from the right and some papers to reflect the light in (but no paper between the flash and fly).

The flash light became a bit too hard on the fly so I put the flash outside the paper instead.

Now I got a softer light.

The torch I used to add some extra light from the upper left side during the 30 seconds exposure. It was placed outside the paper all the time.

Maybe I treated my model too bade anyway since it tried to find some help.

(Swedish->English: Hjälp->Help, Avbryt->Abort, Upprepa->Repeat)

Finally the model found the right way out.

So now I will have to look around for a new model

For post processing I have RawTherapee and Gimp. I set the white balance and adjusted the exposure a bit. Then I removed some dust, marks, and disturbing reflections to make the background cleaner.

  1. Considering it was already dead. 

  2. Standard A4 office paper, but in theory even letter format should work fine. 

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